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    Hey, I browse the forums quite frequently but have come to the conclusion that I need advice on my stack. I am 5'7 140 lbs, and have reached a plateau. i have been working out for almost 3 years straight every week, and i need something more than just the no2 and the syntha-6, multivitamin. I was looking into Powerfull and Anabolic Pump, Mass FX. I would like the opinion of others as to what I may need to help boost my strength without exactly gaining more weight. What is the mass' Opinion on this. (no pun intended.)

  2. gaining strength without gaining weight at 140 might be alittle bit hard, might wanna try to do a bulk for alittle bit to gain strength, then cuttting back down where you need to be. What are u a wrestler or something?

  3. I wrestled for 4 years in high school. The thing is I eat more than anyone else i know, I actually had an eating competition with our HWT 275 when I was 112lbs after a wrestling tournament in Houston, and we went to a Chinese buffet, and i beat him after the 6th plate, and still kept eating.

    Does powerfull just make you eat more or is that just a part of it?

    I wouldn't mind bulking up and gaining more mass.

  4. If you were looking into powerfull check out prime....sick product...great gains..and just don't stop eating dude

  5. I tried prime, actually the whole bottle, and didnt feel any change, i was taking around 3 a day. and the bottles gone =/

  6. See that's the problem..I was taking nine pills when I first started..not saying u need to do the same but at six..but hey maybe its just not for you and just try powerfull

  7. i saw my best mass gains when i took weight gainers right before bed.


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