Any non-hormonal products that LOWER libido?

  1. Any non-hormonal products that LOWER libido?

    Not something we see a lot of requests for But I'm on TRT now, and its nice to have testosterone levels like an 18 year old, but sometimes a pain to have libido like one Anyone have any good ideas besides watching rosie odonnel?

  2. Bromide?

    Nolva does it for me as well. Even after a cycle where my libido is through the roof a couple of days on Nolva during PCT is enough to almost kill my libido. Once stopping the Nolva it returns in 2-3 days so maybe a low dose?

  3. I'm trying to avoid anything that would mess with the balance of TRT treatment. Particularly i'd like something that had short term libido lowering effects - like under 1 day. I don't need random wood during the day

  4. I was going to say watch The View, but Rosie pretty much covers it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    I was going to say watch The View, but Rosie pretty much covers it.
    my suggestion is close to this.....Oprah, does it to me everytime. but Rosie would be a very close 2nd.

  6. Hmmm...I doubt much will help if you are taking exogenous test, but you could go on a caloric restriction type diet or try some high dose sesamin.

  7. morning fap before work, then another at lunch time?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve View Post
    morning fap before work, then another at lunch time?
    Already tried that program

  9. LOL, if that won't work, i dunno what will. 1 gram of ATD per day!

  10. mind over matter? wait...that never works for guys when it involved that specific matter lol.
  11. UKStrength
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    I can't see this ever being a problem mate

  12. You try vitex? The etiology of the name, Chaste Berry, refers to the monks that took it to kill there sex drive. Although it is through hormonal interactions, so I guess that rules it out?

  13. Haven't tried that, its just that if I were to start taking somehting that had hormonal interaction, then I just am a wee bit concerned about how it might end up changing blood levels of other hormones, and then in the end effect treatment plan. Cause I dunno, I mostly want to suppress libido sunday nite thru friday afternoon

  14. Male chastity belt is non-hormonal

  15. is that one from your collection steveoph?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    is that one from your collection steveoph?
    It was a trial model that didn't make the NutraPlanet product list

  17. nice lol but y sunday thru friday?

  18. 3 kids + work means its more hassle than its worth. On the weekend sometimes I can sneak some action in while the kids are watching a movie or out playing with friends

  19. plus I thought it would be an entertaining topic

  20. haha thats wat duct tape and closets are for... jk


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