Does raloxifene kill your libido, and if so for how long after taking it?

  1. Does raloxifene kill your libido, and if so for how long after taking it?

    I'm thinking about trying raloxifene for my puffy nips (basically my pecs are "pointy" and I can feel a sort of "doughnut" shape below them).

    I just wanted to know a bit about the side effects - does raloxifene kill libido like letro does, and if so does it return once you stop using the ralox? And how likely are the other side effects such a blood clots?

    Finally, has anyone here used it to get rid of puffy nips, and if so how long did you take it for and how well did it work?

    Thanks very much to whoever replies.

  2. Anyone know?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by conkertheking View Post
    Anyone know?
    When you research, read properly and thoroughly, letro is an AI which acts differently than a SERM(raloxifene). AI will hurt your cholestrol but almost all SERM's will improve your cholestrol levels. SERM's can hurt your libido due to the blockage of estrogen however, clomid is good in keeping a solid libido throughout.
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