Summer stack.. tell me what you think.

  1. Summer stack.. tell me what you think.

    Ok so i have been off of almost everthing for maybe four months, except for protein of course. Just went to the vitamin shop and gnc and bought a ton of products...
    Amplified Wheybolic (GNC brand)
    Xtend BCAA's watermellong
    Cytocell (creatine by cytogenix labs)
    USP Labs Jack3d (pre-workout formula)
    Mega man multivitamin (GNC Brand)

    Do you think i should cut out the creatine and just take the BCAA's?
    Also, what do you guys think of cytocell?

    By the way, i have taken Superpump250, naNO vapor, NO2 Black, RPM, and a serving of NO Xplode.. Jack3d is by far the best pre workout i have ever taken. I did shoulders and i went up in ten pounds in everything. I had an ultra intense drive.

  2. can a mod move this to the supplement section?

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