Check out my new plan.

  1. Check out my new plan.

    Hi All! Thanks for reading.
    I've just completed four weeks of nothing but carbs and protein. I maintained a good diet and my normal workout schedule. I've decided to start using a pre-workout and recovery supplement to pick things back up. My goal is to be as big as possible without ph. Here's how I've got things going and lined up to keep going:
    5am - wakeup
    530am - breakfest, Casein
    9am - one scoop Cellmass
    930am -1pm Snacks and Lunch
    3pm - Complex Carb/ Whey Shake
    330pm - 2 scoops of Jack3d
    4pm - Start Lifting
    530pm - Finished Workout - One scoop Cellmass
    545pm - two scoops Whey/ Cytocarb Sport II/ one scoop ON BCAA 5000/ Glutamine
    7pm - dinner
    9pm - Casein, Glutamine, Sleep

    So? What do you think? (Mostly about the Jack3d and Cellmass) Any advice/ Constructive Critiscm will be much appreciated.

  2. Unless you like having horrible hormone production, start adding in fats.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Quote Originally Posted by bakerderek0 View Post
    I maintained a good diet
    ah no, you didnt.

    There are ESSENTIAL amino acids, and ESSENTIAL fatty acids, but no ESSENTIAL carbohydrates. Do you know what your natural testosterone is created from ? Its created from the saturated fats you take in. No saturated fat intake means - no testosterone production. It will take a little time to reach there, but if you've gone a month with no fat intake you are probably pretty close already

  4. Thanks for the info. How much sat fat are we talking here? The cheese on my sandwichs alone is 100% of recommended daily values.

  5. then why would you say

    Quote Originally Posted by bakerderek0 View Post
    I've just completed four weeks of nothing but carbs and protein.
    How about trying to track your diet and actual consumption in fitday or here on anabolic minds for a few days to see totals?

  6. I apologize for the confusion. That was stupid. I searched for a better way to word that.. I was trying to say I haven't taken any creatines, ph, etc... I've been all "natural"

  7. Ah "nothing but food"

    whew, well I think rodja and I were both mostly concerned, as I know i've met people who created serious health issues for themselves by going super super low fat for a length of time.

    But either way, tracking diet precisely in fitday will be handy. Jack3d is a nice preworkout, I like the geranamine feeling. cellmass is kind of expensive for what it is, you may find you get just as good results with plain creatine monohydrate

  8. You need between 15-20% of calorie intake from fat. Depending on calories consumed, could be 50-100 grams or more. Good fat from nuts, natural peanut butter, flax seeds, virgin olive oil, and virgin coconut oil are your friends. F


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