New protocol.

  1. New protocol.

    What do you think of this idea. I buy L-Alanine and L-Carnosine. Not the Beta -alanine.....Take 1 teaspoon of alanine=4g and then take 1000-1500mg of the carnosine right before I workout. I can take the alanine(2g) during training. The alanine will keep the muscles from breaking down the BCAA's and I will be set for the carnosine as a Vasodilator. I then buy bulk L-Luicine and take 4g after training with my post work out shake.

  2. I am not quite clued up on the detail. So two questions...

    Why does alanine stop branched chain aminos breaking down? Chemically they are related (hydrophobic). LCAR seems to make sense .. Coleus help??

    Why not bulk the full BCAA (valine, leucine, iso-leucine... is that right?)

  3. Any one else?
  4. Mars1107
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    l-carnosine, ive read is pretty useless in regards to buffering lactic acid.

    l-alanine is a good amino acid, with no benefits, i think, that would make it a good choice to take it pre-workout.

    Beta-alanine has a bunch of studies,claims, and opinions to show how it works. It stacks well with creatine as well, thats not in your protocol.

    the BCAA's are a shure bet of course

    as well as the leucine in your protein shake, to theoretically stimulate a greater degree of protein synthesis.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mars1107 View Post
    l-carnosine, ive read is pretty useless in regards to buffering lactic acid.

    How so?

  6. Any one else?


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