Cycling off NO2

  1. Cycling off NO2

    What does everyone do to cycle off NO2, Pre/Wo products and how long do you take off? Do you not take any Pre/Wo supp or just use a caffeine-free one?

  2. You can use a caffeine free NO like White Blood, or try an EAA drink such as AXcell. Really, an EAA drink and some caffeine pre w/o will give more endurance and still give you the kick that you get from an NO. NO products are a lot like fireworks. You get some bang, but that's it.

  3. I've never actually cycled off of NO2 (arginine), but yes, cycling off caffeine is a good idea *IF* you stop feeling the effects; it's different for each person.

    I don't drink any caffeine and only take EC "as needed," which is one dose a day (25mg, 200mg EC, respectively) usually in the afternoon when I would otherwise eat a lot and feel a bit tired. But if you take in caffeine regularly, say 500mg a day or so, cycling off every 8 weeks or so for 2 weeks would be a good idea if you notice your tolerance is really high. Some people don't cycle and just do a "more" approach, though.

    Personally, I'm a fan of Ultima because of the p5p form of b6 and methyl b12 vs. caffeine for energy, so the only caffeine I use is from EC when I need it, and since I don't dose it so often, I never need to cycle.

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