looking to put together my first stack!

  1. looking to put together my first stack!

    ive been bodybuilding for about 2 yrs now off and on but now have really put forth the effort to dedicate my full potential into the lifestyle. ive always taken a multi creatine and a gainer. im currently on a bulk and i have a sound diet with a 6/2/2 macros and 4200 plus cals a day i log everything i eat btw.

    however im now ready to put together a serious hardgainer mass stack that will give my body the anabolic shock to grow HUGE!

    here is an example of a stack i was thinking any substitu products you can think of or anything i should add please let me know.

    one a day multi maximum
    vitamin D
    VS gainer
    animal m-stak
    animal pump ( or another NO2 product i dnt know much about which products are the best to use)
    calcium magnesium and zinc ( helps sleep)

  2. i would also like to add a stim type supplement ive heard a lot about jacktd and PW and WF here

  3. You should probably change your macro percentages and swap some protein for carbs if your 60/20/20 is P/C/F. Probably a 40/30/30. I don't know much about the animal m-stack, but the rest looks pretty good. I use scivation's vasocharge and extend for workout drink.

  4. oh if it is p/c/f its 20/60/20 i use a high carb diet because ive found thats what my body responds to. what do your intra supps do for you? and would you stack a sim supp with a intra or would that be a waste of money?

  5. I see your percentages make sense. 20% of 4200 is still over 200g of protein which is fine.

    The vasocharge is a stim preworkout mix, with some aminos and creatine in it. The extend is just BCAA's that I drink with the vasocharge before workout, and i have a bottle with 3 scoops extend during my workout. BCAA's are branched chained amino acids, the building blocks of protein, thus the building blocks of muscle. Feeding extra BCAA's keep your body from breaking down your muscle into protein, then into aminos for fuel.

  6. i have the bcaas in my gainer which i also take post workout is this sufficient enough or do i really need a bcaa supplement. also would the extra creatine be harmful or a waste of money since the animal pump has creatine in it.

  7. Probably a waste on the creatine. I don't know what that gainer looks like, copy the nutrition label and post it. While you are at it, post up your diet plan so we can help you there.

  8. get 5g mono a day and you should see a difference, BCAA may help during your workout ( I use xtend/Swell) during my workout otherwise I get dizzy and tired. It will benefit you most on a cut, not necessary on a bulk IMO

  9. im using my phone right now but ill write up the nutrition facts on the gainer later. my diet is as follows

    6am gainer shake including natt pb and oats whole milk 2 bottles of water
    7 am bottle of water
    8 am bowl of oatmeal 2 glasses of whole milk and pb sandwhich
    9am bottle of water
    10 am lasagna or some sort of pasta with a meat sauce and a bottle of water
    11am bottle of water
    12pm 2chicken breasts with olive oil and seasonings veggies or potato and 2 bottles of water
    1pm bottle of water
    2pm pb and j sandwhich and glass of milk
    3pm-4pm workout 2-3 bottles of water and currently cell tech
    4pm post workout gainer shake
    5pm bottle of water
    6pm dinner usually a red meat or a fish veggies or potato 2 bottles of water
    7pm bottle of water
    8pm pb and j sandwhich

    morning substitute is heavy yogurt with oats fruit whey and granola
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    get 5g mono a day and you should see a difference, BCAA may help during your workout ( I use xtend/Swell) during my workout otherwise I get dizzy and tired. It will benefit you most on a cut, not necessary on a bulk IMO
    good advice. might want to pair the CM with beta-alanine (4g/ED). a good multi, fish oil and supplement with extra zinc and maybe even vitamin C.

  11. The diet looks ok. Maybe add some cottage cheese before bed to get some cassein protein in.

    What's up with having so much water between meals? I drink at least a gallon and a half a day, but I don't schedule it into my diet. It looks weird I guess writing it like that. It's good you drink alot though. I just carry a 32oz bottle and make sure I drink at least 4-5, plus a day.

  12. i make sure i have at least a bottle of water a hour im not downing the whole bottle of water on the minute but thats just like a way of making sure i get enough water in and i try and drink a ton of water at bigger meals. i feel like i need substitutes for some of the sandwhiches.

  13. make different kind. My favorites are tuna, mayo, and relish thrown into a bowl and mix it all up then put it on some bread, Fried Egg sandwhich, tuna sandwhich, beef sandwhich, eggs, hamburger, steak, etc plenty of different things to substitute with

    Team APPNUT

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    make different kind. My favorites are tuna, mayo, and relish thrown into a bowl and mix it all up then put it on some bread, Fried Egg sandwhich, tuna sandwhich, beef sandwhich, eggs, hamburger, steak, etc plenty of different things to substitute with

    Team APPNUT

  15. what i meant is would this be too much bread in my diet?

    also how does the stack look? is there cheaper products that pack the same punch? im a student and am on a really tight budget

  16. You don't have to eat all of them every day. Substitute the PB J's for one of these options. Just use a whole grain bread, not white. The heartier the bread the better.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by musclejunkie View Post
    calcium magnesium and zinc ( helps sleep)
    What is the calcium for? Last I knew calcium slowed the absorption of magnesium and zinc.

  18. its a calcium mag zinc pill so idk what each one does but I have it so I might as well use it right?

  19. Nicely staged eating across the day. Really disaplined.

    Veg is important considered healthier than fruit. Some high GI carbs in their though.

    Do you do 'cycles' (body under lots of stress)? Cortisol response?

    Mega-dose B, mega-dose C staples IMO. C helps with cortisol stress and lots of other stuff. B-vits help out all over the place. Animal Pak, Animal Stak I get these mixed up but one of them has really solid vits and minerals behind it and you might want to use it as your already multi-vit. Quality of vit supplements and bio-availability are big concerns so I'd get something that has a reputation then pick something up from a pharmacist.

  20. I've never done a cycle im doing a ton of research on all types of AAS right now so hopefully in 3 yrs ill have enough knowledge to burst through every plateau. right now im getting up to 150 but my frame can definiatly hold a lot more weight and I feel like doing a cycle now wouldn't give me adequate gains at 19 but I could be wrong.

    animal pak is the multi animal stak is a mass gainer for hard gainers.

    what does B and C do for you that would make it a neccessity in a stack like this?

    yeah my diet is very strict and I trip really hard if I even think I might miss a meal. I have a lot of dedication and motivation and luckily a lot of time to put into my diet and training.

    btw I've gained 12 pounds in the past month on this diet and the creatine loading phase the hard part is maintaining the weight because the water retention makes my weight fluxiate a lottttt.

  21. If you're eating the amount of calories that you are and still only weight 145lbs then you need to increase your food intake even more to add mass (unless you're gaining already).

    Isn't Animal Stak just a natty test booster w/ tribulus, longjack, etc? If it is, then I wouldn't waste your money. Those supplements only work to increase libido, not endogenous testosterone production.

    If you're gaining weight then I would just stick with what your doing. Take good multi, protein/gainer, and creatine. Really that's all you need until you hit a plateu.

  22. right now im seeing a ton of gains really fast I was in the hospital for a few weeks then took a few weeks off so I lost a ton of weight and strength but now im filling out again and my stregth has actually increased from before I was in the hospital.

    I like creatine but 2 yrs ago I had my biggest gain through a NO2 supplement so now im looking into NO2 and stimulants. I dnt know which ones are good tho.

    I've heard mixed reviews on tribulus some people say it works great at my age and some ppl say its a waste of money.

  23. I am not thinking about gains just keeping the body in check. It was just a minor point really.

    Mega C has lots of uses - it was the first anti-aging supplement. If you are putting yourself through stressful cycles you will use up lots of vit-C in the cortisol response. Thats why mega-C is there 1g+ per day. My gums improved no end since starting mega-C.

    Mega-Bs have a lot of functions in overall energy, e.g. vit B6, mental functions B12 and drive B1. I don't know what ever B-vit does now but for overall health. The mega-B vits followed the same idea as mega-C the more the better. Bio-availability of B is low so mega-doses might not be bad.

    The only point I wanted to make is I always take my vit/mineral supplements seriously. I don't just 'pick something up' its got to have a recommendation. There is too much junk in the supplement industry.

    Animal Pak has been the mainstay of bodybuilders, so thats what I'd go with. I had a look at it and apart from B12 being a bit modest it looked great. It might even have chromium in there, I can't remember, so basically everything was under 'one roof'. Easy life.


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