Xtreme Tren gyno?

  1. Xtreme Tren gyno?

    i just started taking my xtreme tren and am currently on day 3
    i have only taken 5 pills so far (total) and i believe i might have some gyno coming. my left nipple feels slightly sensitive. it only seems to feel sensitive about a couple hours or so after i take my pill, and sensitivity goes away until the next pill again. will the sensitivity slowly dwindle or wane away?

    i am 6'2"
    21 years old
    and i have taken two cycles of m drol and a cycle of epistane before and have never had a gyno problem

    mod edit: wrong section.

  2. is it just my body beginning to get used to the prohormone?

  3. wrong section, but go c yer doctor nobody could tell if u have gyno but him

  4. you need some more support supplements for the prolactin gyno...just wait till you suddenly come off then see how bad it gets.... you need to do some research on what you need for the tren beasties to prevent gyno.

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