Anyone have experiences with LG BCAA/EAA's? -

Anyone have experiences with LG BCAA/EAA's?

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    Anyone have experiences with LG BCAA/EAA's?

    Who would like to share...we are looking for feedback

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    There have been a few logs on here, give it sometime I am sure people will respond back shortly
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    I've gone through several jugs of it, the first blue raspberry version. It's pretty much a staple of mine. My work is very demanding for 12+ hours, anywhere from 5-7 days per week, every week. I mix just one scoop with very diluted Gatorade and some Posiedon, and it rocks!! I know 1 serving is 3 scoops. I go through 3 bottles like that in a day, along with tons of water. By itself, no complaints what-so-ever. A very solid product and well rounded. I just make it more well rounded by adding some carbs to it. Additionally, the company supports it products well. I went to order it form their shop online, and couldn't because of ISP issues when it first hit. Within an hour, I had an email telling me I'd get a free bottle of IGH-1F for my troubles when I orderded, and how could they help me resolve the issue. Very awesome!! Good job guys!!

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