Looking for a super fast drying competition bronzer

  1. Looking for a super fast drying competition bronzer

    So Im clear: Looking for an actual competition coloring agent (fast drying!!) and not your run of the mill bronzers. Thanks

  2. why not just get sprayed....you dont have to deal with multiple coat bullsh!t and all that.....

  3. Hmmmmm. Good idea. Im new to all of this (tanning material) so forgive the ignorance on the subject.

  4. Don't you still have to get multiple coats to get good color... anyhow I plan on consulting with a tanning establishment to get the scoop. I am no spring chicken and don't need to kill my skin elasticity with conventional tanning. I don't know if the quality of color is good enough from the spray tan. I am assuming it's come a long way in the last 5 years... or hoping.
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  5. dont do the deal wherre you go in the room and a cloud of tanner pops out, but get someone that has a gun....you can get a nice dark color from them that will be fine....then use protan or dream tan to touch up before you go on stage....id give it a trial run a few weeks out though so you can see what it will be like....



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