Help w/ Supplements

  1. Help w/ Supplements

    I'm getting ready to start a cycle of Epistane (i've had gyno since I was younger)and want to make sure none of this other stuff i'm taking is gonna hurt me. And also do you think I need to take anything else. I'm 33, 5'8" 190lbs. I'm on a Keto diet and eat about 2500 cals a day and stay under 30 carbs. I have 1 carbup day a week which i consume about 600-700 carbs. I also drink a gal of water a day. I lift 3 times a week and cardio 3-4 times a week. Thanks


    20mg Epistane
    2000mg O3 Fishoil
    2000mg Flaxseed oil
    1200mg CLA
    400mg R-ala
    1 daily Multi vit
    100mg DHEA
    2000mg Glucosamine/Condriotine
    1000mg L-Tyrosine

  2. Help please

  3. Epistane is a steriod. You need to do more research. You mention no real on cycle supports and no pct that could lead to gyno again real quick.
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    Help please
    Are you in a hurry to hurt yourself? Slow down, that bottle of epi will still be there in a few months while you figure out exactly what you're doing. Do a search on here for 'the perfect PCT'. You'll need that for after your cycle. For before and during, get a couple tubs of cycle support in addition to what you already have.

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