Beta-Alanine and the big D

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  1. Had diarrhea on my first day of beta. Took 2grams before workout and 2 grams after and had really painful diarrhea. On top of it I took it with creatine which normally doesn't bother me but definetly is added stress when combined with something else. Now I'm taking 2 grams before breakfast and 2 grams post-workout and see what happens.

    PS.. like steve said.. can't you just say diarrhea? Otherwise no one knows the language that's in your head.
    ôLord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"- John 6:68

    WHAT has science offered?

  2. never had diarrhea from beta-alanine.. and I have dosed up to 6g. But I get diarrhea from everything else lol ^^



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