Beta-Alanine and the big D

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  1. AAKG can supposedly help protein synthesis and creatine utilization, but people mostly buy it for the aesthetic effects, yes.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by TheLastRonin View Post
    Well I have been reading some articles the last little while that say its actually pretty common. - 23k - 19k - 38k
    Others too but just an example. Has no one else gotten this on here?!
    I usually take the scoop it came with @3.5 grams, once a day. I get the tinglys, a bit of nausea and the big D as sides,It sucks lol.
    I clicked on 2 of the links and didn't see anything about gastrointestinal discomfort caused by BA, but then again I didn't really look very hard...

    But honestly, I have never heard of anyone else mention this as a side-effect from supplementing with BA. That could partly be due to the fact that BA is often coupled with some forms of Arginine and Creatine (which more popularly produce stomach problems) unless taken from bulk form.

    Which product did you say you were using again?

  3. dude from personal experience dont take it for more than 3 months (what can i say, it was a clearance)

    i did and my "big D" is green thats why i stoppped using it and everything is back to normal
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheLastRonin View Post
    So I started experimenting with this this past has lead to nausea and the big D. Any way to counter this without giving it to my bro in law as a second human experiment?
    Sounds like me when I drank 6g at once.

    I'd recommend smaller, more spread out doses.

  5. I have used Beta-Analine from the company Now and I dose 3 grams with my preworkout
    shake and another 3 grams in my recovery shake and I have never had any stomach
    issues and I have never heard of having stomach issues from using BA. I don't even feel
    any tingles I only felt it the first 2 or 3 times using it. What brand of BA powder were
    you using maybe you got a bad batch. I have gone through 3 jars of Now Foods BA
    powder with no problems at all and they have it at a very good price at 19.95 for a
    container of 500 grams.

  6. Had diarrhea on my first day of beta. Took 2grams before workout and 2 grams after and had really painful diarrhea. On top of it I took it with creatine which normally doesn't bother me but definetly is added stress when combined with something else. Now I'm taking 2 grams before breakfast and 2 grams post-workout and see what happens.

    PS.. like steve said.. can't you just say diarrhea? Otherwise no one knows the language that's in your head.
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  7. never had diarrhea from beta-alanine.. and I have dosed up to 6g. But I get diarrhea from everything else lol ^^


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