Which Fat Burner for this Stack?

  1. Which Fat Burner for this Stack?

    Ok so i have been cutting with the keto diet for 8 weeks now and i have made good progress (without a fat burner) but i have platued so im considering adding a fat burner to my stack. Im taking a multi, animal nitro, animal omega, whey, and glycergrow right now. I generally do cardio postworkout, and on non workout days il do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    The fat burners ive been considering were CL Reduction, Mitotropin, Animal Cuts, Lipo 6, Lean Xtreme, Cytolean. Please let me know if you guys have had good experiences with any of these and which would stack well with what i have going on. I will rep any and all helpful answers.

  2. I've only used REDuction but I can tell you it's good, 24/7 fatloss and worked well. Clean energy and better sleep.

    Another good one would be Recreate.

    I'd also recommend some aminos, such as Purple wraath or xtend to save muscle / strength when cutting.

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    The supplements you've selected are all quite different from each other, and really it depends what you want from a fat loss formula.

    To speed up your metabolism and burn more calories/day, you need to selected a thermogenic-based formula.

    All of the above are thermogenics apart from Lean Xtreme, which is just a cortisol blocker.

    I've not used any of the products above except Lean Xtreme, it's an excellent product but really needs to be stacked with something else or used in very high dosages for fat loss purposes.

    In terms of my choice of formula, I'd definitely say either REDuction (AM and PM) or Animal Cuts, they're the most complete fat loss stacks in my opinion.

  4. ok thanks guys. ive been reading up on REDuction and have read many positive reviews about it, and i like the idea of an AM/PM supplement.

    Another one i was considering was MHP Dren- but have read mixed reviews on this one, but i like the convenience of one pill a day. I want to maintain as much muscle as possible and steadily increase my metablism and have more energy for workouts, so which of these 2 do yo think are better?

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