hey im new to the whole muscle building supplements. im 17 and a diabetic and im insulin dependant. i also take thyroid pills and i was wondering wat would be the best thing for me to take right now since i weigh about 155 and im 5'11". My goal is to possibly get to weighing 170-180 off muscle mass and to be able to get my bench reps up so far ive looked up either super creatine high performance by body fortress with 100% pure creatine powder,nano vapor,pro-anabol,x-factor,no-xplode,superpump 250,purple wraath,glyco maize or ALRI Cr2 240 capsule. As you can tell im really new at this i love to lift so i have no problem lifting but everything that i mentioned here i dont have yet except for the body fortress super creatine high performance cuz my friend gave me it so plz help me out anyone