I have been taking the following for:
- Thermolife T-bol : 5 weeks
- I-force Reversitol: 4 weeks just ran out
- I-force MaxOut: 3 week

Being that I just got done with Reversitol could I run Jungle Warfare in place of using another bottle of T-bol. I plan on using another bottle of reversitol for pct (just in case) but wasn't sure if i should wait to take Jungle Warfare being I just finished Reversitol today.

Meal 1
Whey Shake 60g with 1 cup of Oats
Meal 2
10 ounce chicken w/ 1 cup brown rice
Meal 3
3 whole eggs and 10 egg whites with 1 cup brown rice
Meal 4
10-12 ounce chicken with 1 cup brown rice
Meal 5
Oats and Whey 60g protein/60gram carbs
Meal 6
1 pound fish and 2 cups greens
Meal 7
60 g of Casein Protein

Lifting for 3 years..5'7 200 lb.