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  1. heart monitors

    BDC-anyway to get a hold of some heart monitors for bros getting ready for some cardio?

  2. Chemo just quit school and open up the best store in the contry.. Com on how about it??hehehe. Talk to ya

    Hey chase can't you buy them already on the web??
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  3. Yes you can.. do a web search for polar heart monitors and you will turn a few places I got mine off the web but I can't remember the name of the place and they had pretty fast service.

  4. I purchased my Polar heart rate monitor from:


    I have had good service from them both on the initial purchase, and on subsequent purchases of accessories.

    They are also an authorized Polar repair service.

    They also carry several other brands of heart rate monitors. I recommend Polar, although I have not used any other brands, but I did research them quite a bit before purchasing. Polar is usually not the cheapest option, however...

    Hope this helps.

  5. Just do your cardio until you puke

    Seriously, there are a few good places on the net that supplies them but I don't use one. Mainly because I'm an ecto and it's hard for me to keep my BF ABOVE 10% --> no cardio or cutting necessary.

    YES I SAID IT...I'M AN ECTO --> 120 baseline, "chemically enhanced" to 181


  6. why in the world do you need a heart monitor for cardio? Palpate your brachial pulse, very easy to locate when doing cardio.
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