1. HELP FAST!!

    my buddie is going to play d2 college football and he has never lifted to hard in his life...he is a black amazing athlete who is going on straight god given ability....he needs to see results in the weightroom fast tho because he will be reporting to college in august....i know how to lift and stuff but i am wondering if anyone has any supp advice for a summer stak that will get him good results that is safe and will nto let him fail a drugtest.... i know he needs to eat alot and lift hard please all i want is supp info.....thanks

  2. My first question would be "does your buddy currently workout?" If not then I would recommend the basic protein, vitamins and pre-workout supp. if yes, "how long and whats his training schedule like?" 2 days a week, etc...

  3. he is just starting to workout and i have also recommended the basics...he is starting a 5 day a week lifting program....i just wanna know if there is supps he can take that will get him bigger quick and looking for a non hormonal product....and something that is legal in college

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