Summer stack help

  1. Summer stack help

    I have about 9 weeks this summer my main goal is to cut body fat while gaining muscle everyones dream aint it? well im looking to invest in a solid stack i really need a complete restock except for protein so my eyes and ears are open to you, I have some idea i was deffinately looking for some sort of fat burner like slim extreme or a dcp levithan reloaded stack.

    In summary im looking for a stack to last me all 9 weeks that will really help me cut fat and gain strength/muscle i have already used prime so im looking to shy away from that i liked it but want something different.

    some basis to cover bulk creatine, BCAA ( was thinking extend) Then a solid stack to do what i said above.

    help is needed thanks to anyone who helps.

  2. try AI's essentials to cover your basics and possibly anabolic pump and recreate for fat loss and carb transport, also shred matrix by MP is a good slight stim with appetite suppresant

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