Study Shows Some Antioxidant May Affect the Impact of Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity

  1. Study Shows Some Antioxidant May Affect the Impact of Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity

    Taking antioxidant supplements -- specifically, vitamin C and vitamin E pills -- may dull one of the benefits of exercise, new research shows.

    The new study shows that when healthy men took vitamin C and vitamin E supplements daily during a month of exercise, their insulin sensitivity didn't improve, though other men following the same exercise plan and taking placebo pills did improve their insulin sensitivity.

    The antioxidant supplements shut down the brief, normal spike in oxidation that follows exercise; that temporary bout of oxidation is needed to improve insulin sensitivity, according to the researchers, who included Michael Ristow, MD, chair of the department of human nutrition at Germany's University of Jena.

    Do Antioxidants Curb an Exercise Benefit?

    Thoughts? At the very least this makes me wonder about taking ALA with my post workout protein/carbs. Perhaps I should wait and take it prior to a later meal outside that PWO window.
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  2. Doh, I just posted a similar thread from Newscientist in the supplement articles section.... then saw this.

    oh well!

  3. The benfits of those two major antioxidants would outweigh that effect on insulin. I would not be surprised if the scientists that did that study either messed it up or were paid by an outside source like a supplement or pharm company.

  4. ALA is known to help with insulin sensitivity and "recycle" Vitamins C & E. In theory, supplementing with that should not effect the insulin sensitivity, but that is all in theory.
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  5. I do firmly believe that the timing of antioxidant intake is often pertinent in receiving a greater degree of their intended benefits (especially from a bodybuilding stanpoint.) There are WAY TOO MANY unknown factors here in this study regarding the test subjects and this apparent insulin sensitivity issue.

    There isn't a doubt in my mind that the benefits of antioxidant intake far outweigh the negative aspects, or potential for there of.

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