NAC dosing

  1. NAC dosing

    Marathon session making 800mg NAC caps is almost done (the smell was just TOO bad).

    How many of them would you run if you were on heavy compunds?

    3g? 4g?

  2. I have been capping these all damn day....

  3. I got crickets in this bitch...

    My research suggests high nac doses can lead to magnesium deficiency but still not sure how much to dose

  4. 2x800mg is already a pretty high dose

    From memory 3x600mg for a year in a study did not produce adverse results

  5. i use bulk i do a pinch every meal... makes yr breath taste like fart tho lol

  6. More research says to take it with 2-3 times as much vitamin c.

    looks like I will take 800mg w. 2000mg Vit C Twice a day.


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