'Bringing Sexy Back' Supplements/Diet

  1. 'Bringing Sexy Back' Supplements/Diet

    I'm preparing to SHRED some fat off of this frame. Weighed in at 213 and approx. 14% bodyfat, on one of the electronic devices at my gym. Would like to preserve muscle and lose about 15 pounds...which would put me around 7%.


    For diet, I'm going to base my diet around Protein Shake/Fish Oil meals. I still haven't bought the protein...I'm thinking Biotest's Metabolic Drive. For solid foods, here are some that I'm going to buy at the grocery store this weekend:

    Avocados, Olive Oil Soaked Sardines, Tuna, Salmon, Almonds, Green Veggies, Eggs, Steak, Oatmeal, Flaxseed


    Already ready to rock with the following supplements:
    DermaTherm Target, EGCG Extract, CLA, Vitaberry

    Brainstorming other supplements to add in. I know I'll need caffeine, for energy, since I'm low/moderate carbin' it. I'm not interested in any products with 7-keto DHEA in it, due to the possibility of T suppression that I've recently been told about. Was looking at Chuck Diesel's Ready 4 War...the only ingredient that I'm not sure I want to put in my bod is pregnenolone. Also, going to buy some extra fish oil and BCAA's.


    Full Body Routine 3-4 times a week
    Hot Yoga 4-5 times a week
    Sprints 2 times a week

  2. sounds solid man good luck for protien I really like the All the whey chocolate PB is my fav its sooo good
    and its pretty cheap you get a 5 lb tub of blend for 29 bucks or you can get the Isolate which is fat free and taste just as good for about 39 bucks just a suggestion

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