Between Mitotropin & Lipo-6 Black can anyone recommend either of these 2 supplements. Its seems that I have reached a weight loss plateau despite my clean eating habits and exercise regimen & other than a multi, fish oil, & whey protein, I do not take any additional supplements. I have supplemented with some thermogenics (i.e. Atro-Phex, Recreate, Hyperdrive 3.0, Leviathan Reloaded, & a few others) in the past & have had less than impressive results. That being said, I am looking for something a little different and was interested in supplementing Mitotropin or Lipo-6 Black, to assist me with my weight loss, which brings me to my ?. Does 3,3' Diiodolthyronine, 3,5' Diiodolthyronine found in both products suppress the thyroid, & to what degree. If so, is the thyroid able to rebound on its own or is a PCT required. I have been reading conflicting articles about this and wanted some clarification. For instance, I have read that 3,3 diiodothyronine has no effect on TSH and the amount of 3,5 diiodothyronine used in both products will not cause any significant drop & that even though these compounds are classicly known as "thyroidal" their main activity is outside of the thyroid gland in skeletal and liver mitochondria leading to an increase in one's resting metabolic rate. Then I read, that both are suppressive with 3,5' Diiodolthyronine being more suppressive on the thyroid than the 3,3' but is less effective then 3,5' which is one of the reasons Thermolife's Dicana decided to revise their product by removing just the 3,5' isomer & adding a couple of thyroid assisting ingredients. I apologize for this long post, but I am very interested in trying something new, but not at the expense of suppressing my thyroid.