How does All The Whey compare to Syntha-6 in TASTE, not ingredients?

  1. Question How does All The Whey compare to Syntha-6 in TASTE, not ingredients?

    was looking at some of the ATW protein. im hearing good things but when i got their stuff before 1+ yr ago, i was not impressed.

    with that said, i was looking at the cinnabun and PB chocolate.

    so how does it compare to the taste of Syntha-6?

  2. I've tried both and as far as taste Syntha-6 is definitely better tasting.

  3. old post

  4. syntha is good, I really liked the nectar isolates/fruit flavors, damn those are smooth tasting. I liked ATW's protein blend flavors in orange and others, it's good protein.

  5. You really can't compare these two proteins because they are both completely different
    products. ATW isolate is a fast digesting protein and Syntha6 is a slower digesting
    blended protein but if you want to make ATW a slower digesting protein get a container
    of ATW micellular casien and mix 1 scoop of the whey and 1 scoop of micellular casien
    and you have a better quality shake because you have 2 quality proteins instead of all
    the whey concentrate that Syntha6 has in their formula. This is how I do it and love it
    this way because I know exactly how much of each protein I have in my shakes.


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