3 Secrets the Nutritional Supplement Companies Dont Want You to Know

  1. 3 Secrets the Nutritional Supplement Companies Dont Want You to Know

    3 Secrets the Nutritional Supplement Companies Dont Want You to Know

    Americans spent billions of dollars last year on natural remedies. But with so many different products to choose from in the aisles of your local health food store, how do you know which ones are worth buying and which ones you should avoid. It?s important to note that there are many vitamin and nutritional supplements that can work wonders for your health however if you make the wrong choice, you may cause yourself irreparable damage. Before you make any long term decisions about your health, take a moment and discover these 3 amazing secrets related to supplements.

    Stunning Secret # 1 The difference between a nutritional supplement and a drug.

    Stunning Secret # 2 The implications of taking supplements while also taking prescription drugs.

    Stunning Secret # 3 The importance of taking only name brand supplements from approved sources.

    The Difference Between a Nutritional Supplement and a Drug

    In many cases, there is not much of a difference. Both substances can have extremely powerful effects and cause problems if taken incorrectly. A key element is how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) view them. For the most part, the FDA treats supplements as if they were foods. They are technically defined as ?products taken by mouth that contain an ingredient intended to supplement the diet.? Drugs on the other hand are legally defined as ?substances intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.? Because of this definition, most supplements get as much attention from the FDA as a package of throat lozenges.

    The Implications of Taking Both Prescription Drugs and Supplements

    Be very careful because some supplements interfere with prescription medications or cause dangerous side effects when taken with prescription drugs. The simple solution to avoid this danger is to always consult your doctor before taking any supplements even if you think they are harmless. You should also discontinue use of supplements if you are scheduled for any invasive medical procedure. Studies have found that certain supplements interfere with anesthesia, can cause excessive bleeding or elevate blood pressure.

    The Importance of Taking Only Brand Name Supplements

    One myth that has run wild is that supplements are safer than prescription drugs because they are thought to be natural and chemical free. Unfortunately research has not shown this to be true across the board. Many independent tests have found that some supplements were contaminated with potentially harmful ingredients such as pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals. More recently, Consumer Reports tests found that labels on supplement bottles did not contain what they said nor was the dosage information correct. According to their research, a good strategy is to rely on more well known companies like GNC or vitamin shoppe over lesser known brands. These and other better known brands appear to have more consistent quality and safety.

    In light of your new found knowledge, the question you may wonder where you can find reliable information about supplements. The irony is that most of what you will find on the internet or from the grocery store clerk is not the most reliable source of information. To start you in the right direction, consider the following sources. (National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration)

    Brian Stephenson is the President of http://www.Brian-Stephenson.com a nutritional supplement product review company based in Houston, Texas.

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    By: Brian Stephenson

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