Post-Work Out Shake after Cardio?

  1. Post-Work Out Shake after Cardio?

    Do you drink a post workout shake after doing cardio alone?

  2. i do but im no expert

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdboucher View Post
    Do you drink a post workout shake after doing cardio alone?
    Personally, I don't. I just try to do it close to next meal and eat that pretty much as soon as I finish the cardio.

    Sometimes I'll have a scoop of whey if the meal's taking a while, but usually I won't bother.

  4. I do also.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by jdboucher View Post
    Do you drink a post workout shake after doing cardio alone?
    sure - why wouldn't you? Still depleting glycogen - body needs something for recovery.

    I usually wait 15min, then slam it down. Followed by a proper meal an hour or so later.

  6. I lift for about 45mins then 15mins of high intensity cardio. After cardio I have my shake, and about 45mins - 1hour later I eat a normal meal
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  7. i dono how much glycogen is depleted during certain forms of cardio... depends on the cardio i would say
    also if you had eaten fairly recently you might have more glucose in the blood
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  8. I think it depends on how your meals went that day. Let's say you had a few meals before you did your cardio then you should be fine to just eat a normal meal afterwards. On the other hand if you ate poorly that day you should get some nutrients in ASAP.
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  9. Is it empty stomach cardio? Also is your concern eating directly after in general or if it should be a whole food meal or shake?

    Honestly its preference that should rule here in my opinion. I personally take in a whey shake with skim milk directly after fasted cardio with oatmeal since it is depleting glycogen stores to a further extent than fed lifting.

    If you are worried about type (whole food vs whey) just go by convenience/preference. Some can't put down chicken/tuna after cardio, while some can. I like to have the whey shake and whole food meal about an hour directly after that (same protocol I use on lifting days)


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