How much green tea do I use to max thermogenic effect in my cutiing cycle?

  1. How much green tea do I use to max thermogenic effect in my cutiing cycle?

    Ok here is what I am taking. My goal is to cut at much fat as possible while maintaining as much lean body mass as possible.

    Lipodrene w/ephedra: Old school ECA stack with less caffeine of 100mg per dose: 2-3x daily 1 prior to training
    DCP up to 9 per day 2 per meal
    Cre-o2 prior to training 3 pills
    Thinfat 1x daily after traing in my MRP
    50billion Probiotic 1x daily
    Whey protein concentrate/carbs/plus green spinach and celery juice/
    psyllium and soy milk asmy MRP after workout 1xdaily
    I take some Whey with each meal to cut down on protein costs as well.
    Liquid b complex 1x daily in my MRP after training
    10g glutamine 5 prior to training 5 after in my Mrp after training
    Acetyl L-carnitine 600mg 2x daily once before training once after.
    powdered multi vitamin in my MRP after training
    Fish oil 3g per day more or less 1x after training in my MRP and one time in the evening
    1-carboxy 3g daily before bed
    ZMK one dose before bed.

    I am trying to incorporate green tea in my cut cycle but don't know haow much to dose to maximize thermogenics effects.

    Diet consists of pyramid diet of low glycemic carbs of fruits and vegiies and the proper dosage of protein fat ratio. Kind of modified type of zone diet with more protein though. I am staggering calories daily up and down to make sure every day is less in than I am Burning. I am spacing things out of 6 meals.

    I am 215 6'1 trying to get to about a really rock hard 205 which I know probably means dropping below this and building back up to get my fat % down.

    Workout at 5:30am 30 min cardio low rep/ high intensity for max fat burn.
    Do split body part training system after for resistance followed by another 20 to 30 min of cardio of same as beginning.

    How much green tea should I take a day and when?
    each 1/4 teaspoon is 700mg yielding 95% Polyphenols; 50% EGCG

    Any other opinions on additions or subtractions to my fatburn cycle would be greatly appreciated

  2. i would start out with 1gram twice per day... and increase or decrease from there... mostly just depends on how much caffeine is in the Green Tea...

  3. Anyone know how much caffeine is in each gram of this type of green tea extract?
    95% Polyphenols; 50% EGCG

  4. Less than 45mg i believe.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Less than 45mg i believe.
    Thank you.



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