Non-Stim Stack

  1. Non-Stim Stack

    I am currently taking DCP, but would like to add another supplement to the arsenal. I do not like or take stimulants, so I am looking for something to add to DCP, which is also a non-stim.

    My two ideas were LeanFX or Lean Xtreme, which seem similar to each other. Could someone shed some light on the two. Which of these would be the better compliment to DCP? If there is something else besides those that would be a good non-stim please share. For now it seems like one of these would be ideal for my goals I would think.



  2. I was gonna come in here and recommend DCP but looks like you are already using that

    Currently Nutra has a special on DCP and Lean Xtreme so that should be a good pair. I have only used DCP out of what you have mentioned though. Maybe add in some Anabolic Pump to help with carbs, or some Forskolin containing product(I know Lean Xtreme has some in it)
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  3. I would go with a combination of green tea caps, acetyl-l-carnitine, hydroxycitric acid and forslean. Build your own stack
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  4. Thanks Bolt and Flaw for your input. I saw nutraplanet is having a special if you get the combo right now, so I think that is what I am going to do. Some of the ingredients Flaw is professing is in Lean Xtreme as well which is giving this supplement the edge right now.

    Any thoughts or addtional input is always appreciated.



  5. try recrreate with dcp. i cant handle stims myself but recreate gives good focus without any jitters. i havent used it much because ive had nothing but stellar results with dcp stand alone

  6. coleus forskholii and rasberry ketones

  7. I have been using Speedv2 by LGSciences for a bit now and I enjoy that for a non caffeine version of burner
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