*** ALERT: Ephedra BANNED in US ***

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    Nutracueticals, parent company to Solaray to launch lawsuit against FDA for arbitrarily and capriciously banning ephedra.

    Hopefully Solaray will have thier **** together. I have faith in these guys.

  2. Good for them. I have used and liked Solaray products.

  3. Found Stacker 2 Original Ephedra

    I know it is banned but I found them at http://www.igotbannedforspam.com
    Hope this will help the people who have been using the ECA stack and had success with it.

  4. goodbye, and thanks for all the sales pitches....

  5. Stacker 2 Original Ephedra not welcomed here?

    Made that post for people looking for it. If you are offended by the post, then don't go to that site.

    Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard
    goodbye, and thanks for all the sales pitches....

  6. not offended by the post, but by the spammer (that's you).

    you're brand-new here, you have 5 posts - 4 are spam, one is defending the spam.
    we're not crazy about spam OR SPAMMERS here, so I figure you're moments away from being banned...therefore, goodbye.

    now: if you WANT to offend me, pretend you're NOT spamming

  7. hahahahahaha..........nice URL edit


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