*** ALERT: Ephedra BANNED in US ***

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  1. Craig's second post on the DEA angle to the ephedra ban. Original thread at AU is http://www.anabolicuniverse.com/foru...7770#post37770

    Originally posted by craig
    here's some more:

    This site mentions the DEA's interest in banning ephedrine as well:

    FDA WARNS AGAINST DRUG PROMOTION OF "HERBAL FEN-PHEN" (including ephedrine) - http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/tpfenphn.html

    Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids; Proposed Rule - http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/fr97064a.html

  2. Great information, Todd. I heard about that connection before, yet wonder if that is a real reason. If it were, I would have expected it to have received more publicity. Frankly, I think the drug companies and their lobbying arms are still the major factor, with this being a convenient justification for their actions.

  3. what is the final deadline date, does anyone know that yet? when will companies no longer be able to sell it????

  4. I was watching CNN or something last night and i saw it scroll on the bottom saying FDA wants it off the shelves by April.

    So long as people are smart about using PH's and don't kill themselves by being stupid, I don't think we have anything to worry about.

    I think it said 150 something deaths attributed to ephedra...

    i mean i feel bad for the people, but dont take ephedra when your 250 pounds overweight then go sit on your couch..and say..wow this is giving me jitters and heart palpatations..of course it is fat ass

    or dont take 15 ephedra pills then go to a rave all night without water...wtf?

    anyone know of someone dying from it in "normal" circumstances?


  5. Do you guy's think that after April or when the Ban takes full effect will there be anyway to still get it...Black market,overseas ect......


    Nutracueticals, parent company to Solaray to launch lawsuit against FDA for arbitrarily and capriciously banning ephedra.

    Hopefully Solaray will have thier **** together. I have faith in these guys.

  7. Good for them. I have used and liked Solaray products.
  8. Found Stacker 2 Original Ephedra

    I know it is banned but I found them at http://www.igotbannedforspam.com
    Hope this will help the people who have been using the ECA stack and had success with it.

  9. goodbye, and thanks for all the sales pitches....
  10. Stacker 2 Original Ephedra not welcomed here?

    Made that post for people looking for it. If you are offended by the post, then don't go to that site.

    Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard
    goodbye, and thanks for all the sales pitches....

  11. not offended by the post, but by the spammer (that's you).

    you're brand-new here, you have 5 posts - 4 are spam, one is defending the spam.
    we're not crazy about spam OR SPAMMERS here, so I figure you're moments away from being banned...therefore, goodbye.

    now: if you WANT to offend me, pretend you're NOT spamming

  12. hahahahahaha..........nice URL edit


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