whats the better stack?

  1. whats the better stack?

    i'm trying to get back in the gym and i was trying to figure out what stack i should go with....the choices are......

    1. USPlabs- Recreate/Powerfull


    2. App. N-RPM/Drive......

    just looking for some feedback. any suggestions will help....trying to figure out which is the better way to burn my money...lol.

  2. cmon...someone get at me about this....

  3. Depends on what your goals are.

  4. woah i swear i answered this thread earlier today asking what your goals were...

    anyways what chefdeez said..those are totally different products
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  5. recreate/powerfull for cutting

    drive/RPM will give you some of the best workouts of your life.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    woah i swear i answered this thread earlier
    You had dejavu as well? It happens to me everyday!

  7. I agree with the rest.

    I have had great results with stack #1.
    I'm Back...

  8. Stack one

  9. If you're trying to get back in the gym, maybe get the diet and training down first. Don't rely on supplements.


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