creatine or whey protein for a sprinter?

  1. creatine or whey protein for a sprinter?

    I am a track sprinter/jumper and want to get stronger without unnecessary bulking up. If i take creatine without whey protein, will i get efficient muscles? or should i take both and risk gaining too much weight? Is creatine ineffective without whey protein? My body usually doesnt get too big as I focus on powerlifting and dont eat too much meat.

    I read an article about creatine, which stated that if I skip the 25g load in the first week and just start/end with 5g a day, I'd get the same results in the long run without the water weight. is this true?

    One last question--is it better to take creatine + beta alanine (bulk) or just Body Octane, or does it make no difference?

  2. ditch creatine. after years of taking it, i think its over rated. go with beta alanine and add citrulline malate. the whey protein is just there to help you reach your daily protein needs. 1g per lb you weigh, so its a must.

  3. correction 1g per lean body weight =) Kind of sice to see a 400 lbs dude take in 400 grams of protein like foods thats pretty scary

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryaroberts View Post
    ditch creatine. after years of taking it, i think its over rated.
    Massive amounts of literature disagrees with you.

  5. Creatine mono is the most effective and yes prolly the most people does not favor but is the most effective and yes I can prove that its not overated too. Good stuff for strength gains hands down.


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