Poll: Would you buy AMP V.2 without Caffeine Anhydrous?

AMP V.2 without Caffeine Anhydrous,who wants some?

  1. AMP V.2 without Caffeine Anhydrous,who wants some?

    PA,gots a question for ya homes.

    Are you interested in putting a version of AMP V.2,without the inclusion of Caffeine Anhydrous,on the market?

    I'm very impressed with the other pathways that AMP hits,especially TRPV1 agonism.I'm cutting out caffiene altogether for various health reasons and would like to be able to make use of MOAR non-stim fat loss supplements,that actually work.Sesathin+ CLA+fish oil + GTE+ etc. is good but I want MOAR,damnit

    I'd buy the feck out of a caffiene free AMP v.2,seriously,I'd stockpile the it...

    Who else would?

  2. id buy it anything thats healthier and still works id be in.

  3. hey man if it works well with out the caffenine then FO sho!

  4. I would definitely buy it getting the same effects and not having the caffiene would be awesome

  5. With caffeine pills being dirt cheap, I always avoid including it in formulas to give people the option of adding or not.

    Yeah, this would be good without caffeine.
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  6. That would be great.


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