My new stack and diet plz help

  1. My new stack and diet plz help

    Okay time to dial it in. As everyone knows im still going through depression and slowly going away and seeing a doc. Okay on with my diet. 2700cal is what I came up with using BMR math. So heres whats going on so everyone knows. Breakfast ap then oatmeal and eggs. meal 2 muscle milk. meal 3 ap brown rice and chicken. meal 4 shake. Meal 5 post workout shake. meal 6 ap complex carbs chicken.(yes I love chicken) I manage to to a gallon of water mixed with 10 grams of glutamin and 20 g of creatine monohydrate to sip throughout the day I read a book to put 1 cup of sugar in the gallon jug. I dont wanna go over 20 g creatine because my preworkout is Jack3d and has creatine too. Also in the water jug is a whopping good serving of leucine isoleucine and valine which will help me throughout the day. Okay everyone time for feedback what do you all think you think this solid or what my avatar rocks! Anywho thats the breakdown so im trying to do recomp and on a budget so. Thnax!

  2. the gallon of jug with the cretaine and all seems very convenient plus on creatine a gallon of water is suffient. I thin its a great idea. So any feedback is most welcomed!

  3. The "gallon o' goodies" is a good idea, but you're gonna want to modify it's contents a bit for fat-loss purposes.

    20g of Creatine + Jacked = overkill. Seriously. It's your call, but that is just a waste of money.

    1 Cup of Sugar!? WHY? Because Insulin is gonna help with creatine absorption? Then have your creatine with your meals that already contains CHO or put it in your post-workout shake- adding a whole cup of empty sugar cals when you're trying to recomp is not gonna do you any good. You want to time when your body releases insulin so that it is best put to use building muscle and not fat - and that random cup of sugar = fat.

    The BCAA's are awesome. If you're sippin' on them all day, go with a good 40g. I'd even go with 30g mixed BCAAs and then another 10g Leucine.

    2700kcal seems awfully low to me for a guy your size, but hey, try it for a week and adjust accordingly.

    You need veggies and fruits, bro. LOTS OF THEM. No excuses. Every meal. Berries go great with oatmeal; just about every veggie goes great with Chicken. Jicama, Carrots and celery are all great munchies that can go along with your shakes.
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  4. Okay so lets redo this lol. Creatine is for my post weorkout and bedtime and upon riseing instead of the 20g lol. lets do 3000 cal. Fruits I love bananas so lets do them with the meals. Now with my workout I do 5x lifting and Idunno where I should do with cardio. I ask this because i can do cardio 5x too after each weight lifting training. But what do you think Resolve how should I approch this?

  5. Bump for eating vegetables! God dammit people.

    And where are all your EFA's???

  6. well im taking cla and fish oil. peanuts. Eggs lol =) im on a budget come on now. Im trying to do the best I can for what I can afford.

  7. bubbachew brings up a good point - fat is beneficial. A minimum of 20% of your daily intake should come from fats. Just pick up some EVOO, natty pb and coconut milk, they're all pretty cheap.

    As for lifting and cardio? If you prefer a split, I recommend a Push/pull routine or a Quad Dominant, Back, Chest, Hip Dominant Split. Either 3 or 4 days a week - you're on a calorie deficit and the time off will help you recover better.

    A Push/Pull routine means one day you go in and do all pushing movements: Squats, Bench, Military, Dips, Calves and Tricep Extensions for example. Pull would then be: Deadlifts, Rows, Pullups or Chins, maybe db Swings, and a curl or two of choice.

    Cardio: 2-4times per week. Try a bodyweight circuit on recovery days, or HIIT. If you want to do cardio on lifting days, try some incline walking post-workout at 2.5mph for 15-20min.

    Like I said elsewhere, 250g Prot is kinda low for a guy your size, but if that's all you can do, that's all you can do. Personally, I'd bump it up to 300-350.
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  8. okay so 3000 cal at 300g protein I can manage that or close to it. Wow this is going to be a lot of food lol. Okay I wll see getting some natty pb and coconut milk. Whats the Evoo by the way im not trying to be dumb here never heard of it lol.

  9. Maybe 4 days the push pull routine like u said. Cardio maybe off days so I wont overdo it. Im using the Ap so still do it breakfats lunch and post meal?

  10. Spend more money on food rather than supplements if you have trouble affording stuff....just my 2 cents

    EVOO = extra virgin olive oil

  11. And I could give a $hit less, but why do you beg people for rep. points for misc. stuff, and don't give any out when people give good advice to you? Just curious.

  12. Creatine mono degrades in water after 10-15 minutes. Do not mix this in a gallon of water and sip it. Mix it and drink it asap only when you need it (pre and post workout).

  13. ^^^Forgot about that, and that's important! Creatine Mono+H2O becomes Creatinine pretty quick!

    AP when you suggested is fine Ryan.
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