My next stack plz help

  1. My next stack plz help

    Okay guys I got 5 days left on my ECA AP stack and I am going to go with the 11-oxo AP stack to get off the caffiene and eph for 1 WEEK. 1) is one week ENOUGH time to cycle off eca b4 hopping back on. I know 11-oxo is pricy but its for just 1 week bc I have build a huge tolerance to the caffiene already. Its 2 bronkaids and I was gonna puch 300 mg of caffiene but im going to play it safe its not a quick fix. So I have 1 bottle of AP left. I like what I see its helping in the shredding area. Now I need something like a PH like 11-oxo. Plz help my time is running out and anything suggested I may have to order it from a local store. Thanx guys most appreciated.:dl:

  2. Is there anotehr PH thast maybe stronger than 11-oxo? I know if you have to prolly take 6-10 to actually be effective.

  3. I may have reached ckd now. Since of last week until this morning It wa sa total of 10 ls lost. Diet is the same still on ECA and AP. I think perhaps the ap may have something to do with it. My diet is on key I know that for a fact. My stupid girl is tryna fattin me up with her midnight snacks lol. Yeah after I took my ZMA/tribe hahaha. Anyways 4 days left on eca figureing out hat to do after.Any suggestions.

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