LOSS of LIBIDO!! on MDX2 and Mas FX

  1. LOSS of LIBIDO!! on MDX2 and Mas FX

    Hyperdrol and Mass fx caused me to lose my libido in a previous cycle

    Which of these would cause loss of libido? i know that both products are supposed to enhance libido but I found myself at a loss

    Is it the anti estrogen affects of 6-bromo?
    or is it my bodies reaction to Mass FX?

    has anyone experienced the same? is there a way to alter the cycle playing with doses? could you throw in HYPERTEST to correct it?

    I also have tried primal male stacked with activate extreme and had a rollercoaster affect with my libido... i guess i am extremely receptive to anti estrogens???

    please help? I want to take some of these stacks but cant afford the libido loss... any input will be greatly appreciated

  2. What did you dose them like?

  3. I did as directed... 4 equally spaced pills of HDX2 and 4 pills of Mass fx with two being pre workout... I dunno i dont get it.
    I mean i guess everyones body reacts different but I am curious to what I can do to avoid libido loss since it is very importan haha and the stack works great

    what about adding hypertest? or is that pointless because then i am just covering up a problem in the cycle

  4. Don't add hypertest, thats basically the same as Mass fx. But Probably due to the hyperdrol i would guess since its an estrogen blocker. But i was well had some loss of libido when i took this stuff so your not the only one. It sucks but i have to say its worth it lol, cause the **** works miracles. I gained 10lean lbs of muscle in 4weeks. Just stick with it man.

  5. Drop the HDx2 and see if it returns

  6. I think it does cause a loss of interest in that area, but dude. For me thats not an issue lol. But in normal turns, sacrifice for some quality LBs man...

  7. Maybe you are too low in estrogen, try 3 caps of HD and see if it returns...Keep the MFX at what you are currently dosing
  8. possibly the answerrr

    I have been doing some research...
    I have had some loss of libido on the massfx and the hyperdrolx2
    I too thought it was the estrogen blocking effect of the HDx2 with the 6-bromo compoung

    However i also had experienced a roller coaster libido on my Activate Xtreme and Primal male stack
    One would think my libido would be through the roof

    I found that the only common ingredient in both stacks is divanil which is a compound tried, tested and scientifically supported to enhance free testosterone by binding to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG)... I feel that for some reason this compound has the adverse effect on me...

    I have been playing with doses and i have found that if i take HDx2 with HYPERTEST my libido stays perfectly fine...


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