1. Samples.....

    Hey i wanna try these new supplaments called Drive and RPM
    Can anyone get me some free samples or tell me how to get some?
    Also i would like to know the possible side effects of these supplaments

  2. go to there website

  3. search...
  4. Exclamation Suggestions/Advice (Also in the other thread asking the EXACT same question!)

    Quote Originally Posted by warriors34 View Post
    Ok i am looking to try some samples of Drive and RPM...

    Can anyone help me out with that?!
    Or atleast tell me how to get them, i would also like to know the side effects i am about 15 5'6 157lbs
    First, at your age you DON'T need ANY supplements aside from the staples (and even then you don't really need the staples (except for creatine - if you are doing resistance training) if you're EATING ENOUGH).

    However, if you are determined to try some samples, then e-mail Alyson ([email protected] com) with your name, address, and that you would like some Drive and RPM samples to try, and she shall send them out to you.

    No side effects (although you may experience some nausea from the Forslean in Drive); they are NOT hormonal. Also, the SIZE of the Drive sample is NOT enough to experience any effects (i.e. greater endurance, increased muscle mass, etc.); you need enough for ~10 days for it to kick in. Effects (i.e. smooth, focused energy, increased alertness, greater pumps and vascularity, etc.) from RPM WILL be noticed from the FIRST sample.

    Recommded dosing/timing instructions for warriors34:

    Resistance Training Days
    Dose 1 - 2 caps first thing in the morning
    Dose 2 - 2 caps 60-80 minutes pre-resistance training (i.e. with RPM dose)
    Non-Resistance Training Days
    Dose 1 - 2 caps first thing in the morning
    Dose 2 - 2 caps 6-8 hours after Dose 1

    Resistance Training Days
    Dose - 2 caps 60-80 minutes pre-resistance training
    Non-Resistance Training Days
    Dose - 1 cap once daily (most often dosed first thing in the morning, but whenever you like, really; and this is OPTIONAL).

  5. iight thanks!!!!

  6. Guejsn, whats there web address? i cant seem to pull it up?

  7. dude really your 15 you are still growing I know you can be in a hurry to grow up and you wanna get ripped and everything but listen to guejsn she's givin you solid advice you dont really need anything except hardwork and food all the supplements in the world will get you no where unless you eat enough food to put on weight go to the nutrition section of the forum there is a diet calculator find out how many cals you need and eat 500-1000 more cals a day than you burn or hell eat 2000 more cals just make sure your getting quality cals from good carbs fats and protien

  8. This is like the third time I've seen you post about PHs. your 15, do you really not care about your health? DA**!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by spartan300 View Post
    go to there website
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyjuice View Post
    Guejsn, whats there web address? i cant seem to pull it up?
    it's THEIR, not there. I'm sorry this bugs the crap outa me. any supps for proper english?


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