Lean Bulking Stack

  1. Lean Bulking Stack

    I would like some recommendations for lean bulking stacks, what you guys have used, what has been effective, what hasnt been, etc. I last did a cycle of Epi 30 mg/day and then a cut with DCP/Leviathan Reloaded/Vaporize. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. There are just so many supplements, hard to know what the best stack is for lean, dry gains.

  2. Are you looking to do another hormonal run or natural?

    I personally ran Nutraplanets TNT Stack at its release and it is one the better combination of extracts out there. Plus it offers great versatility with stacking if you are interested in running it with a cutting agent (I am actually planning a TNT DCP stack for the next few weeks).


    Outside of that your best bet is to check out the supplement review section and check out some stacks members are running/have run in the past. It can give you some ideas you otherwise had not thought of and give you and idea of effectiveness (but remember to take everything with a grain of salt as it is highly independent on the results end).

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