How would a cold affect test booster?

  1. How would a cold affect test booster?

    Hey guys,
    I started on arimatest about 5 days ago. The first day or two my libido was up and workout seemed better, especially right at the beginning of my workouts I was really strong. Anyway, I ended up getting a cold like on day two or three of arimatest and I still have it. My question is, what affect would a cold have on what the arimatest is trying to do? I'm kind of confused because my workouts have been good since I've been sick. I've done chest and back workouts and they have been great and I think it is due to the arimatest. I've used more weight than I ever have, but the extra libido I was feeling is gone.

  2. bumpidy bump bump, anybody?

  3. So how many total days are you in right now? If your 3-5 days deep I would personally halt dosing and wait to get the cold taken care of. I personally hate it when a nagging illness is over my head subtly effecting workouts.

  4. The cold won't affect the test booster. It will affect you.
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  5. I would take a 2day break from gym but still take your supps and Take some airborne and eat your soups , get well soon!

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    I'd stop fo rnow, and reset when you're over the cold


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