Jarrow's Toco-Sorb

  1. Jarrow's Toco-Sorb

    Looking at this since it contains more active and is cheaper than PP's Toco-8. Anyone with comments??

    High Absorption Formula. Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E
    Up to 3X Greater Absorption. TocoSorb™ tocotrienol Vitamin E complex utilizes SupraBio™ enhanced absorption system. Tocotrienols protect cardiovascular function by affecting biosynthesis of cholesterol (mevalonate pathway) and reducing oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL-Cholesterol).

    Typically, bioavailability of tocotrienols is low (absolute bioavailability is about 28%). Patented SupraBio™ specialized lipid mixture enhances tocotrienol uptake 2-3 times.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Softgel
    Servings per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Total Tocotrienols 60 Milligrams *
    d-Alpha Tocotrienol 17.3 Milligrams *
    d-Beta Tocotrienol 2.6 Milligrams *
    d-Gamma Tocotrienol 31.5 Milligrams *
    Ddeltatocotrienol 8.6 Milligrams *
    Total d-alpha tocopherol 26 International Unit 87%
    Plant Squalene 15 Milligrams *
    Phytosterols complex 5.3 Milligrams *
    Mixed carotenoid complex 75 micrgrams *

  2. Jarrow tocosorb
    $16 (at super discount stores)
    60 servings

    (these are values for 2 servings, to compare costwise with toco8)
    ----120 mg tocotrienols
    ----7.2 g total
    ----$4.4 per gram
    ------ d-alpha 52IU (~18mg)
    squalene - 30mg
    phytosterols - 10.6mg
    carotenoids - 150mcg

    60 servings
    -----100 mg tocotrienols
    -----6 g tocotrienols total
    -----$5 per gram
    ------ d-alpha 30mg
    ------ d-beta 500mcg
    ------ d-gamma 315mcg
    ------ d-delta 31mcg

    squalene - 22mg
    sterols - 8mg
    carotenoids - 200mcg
    coq10 - 10 mcg

    So tocosorb is a very slightly better deal if you only consider quantity of tocotrienols. Toco8 has more of everything else. Toco8 is also not capped, and since tocotrienols are sensitive to heat I would consider this important. Toco8 is also not sitting in stocked shelves for a year, and is shipped almost as fast as it is bottled.

    I definitely give the win to toco8, but it is close enough.

  3. Gamma Tocopherol is the key tocopherol you want.

    I would still have to say Toco-8 is superior, even adjusted for cost.
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  4. Ordered two bottles of Toco-8 while it was on sale... should've gotten four.
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  5. and in regards to cost, I typically grab toco8 as part of one of their stacks (TRS, etc), which cuts cost quite a bit. Also, the new PP points program looks like a pretty good deal as well.



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