EC Stack vs Yohimbine HCL

  1. EC Stack vs Yohimbine HCL

    So which one is better for fat burning?

    EC stack or Yohimbine HCL w/ caffeine?


  2. All three together are best if you can handle them.

    Research it and know the risks, BUT it works if you decide its worth it (I do)

    Also depends on bf%, If you are doing fasted cardio and are already very cut yoh can top ephedrine IF you can handle a high dose like 7.5mg (not for the faint of heart)

  3. what would the doseage be like if I take yohimbine along with EC Stack?

  4. I take the one BronkAid tab, one caffine tab and 2 yohimbime (5g) tabs twice a day when running my EC+Y stack. It works pretty well.



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