Is Using Valerian Root Extract Really Helpful For Getting Good Sleep

  1. Is Using Valerian Root Extract Really Helpful For Getting Good Sleep

    Is Using Valerian Root Extract Really Helpful For Getting Good Sleep

    Valerian root extract is one of the more common herbal remedies used as a sleep aid. However, there is still debate over whether or not it is safe and effect. There has been much research done on this particular herb and some of the more recent studies shed some light on exactly how useful this herb is and what you can expect from it.

    Valerian extract has not only become more popular with consumers, it has become a popular herb for researchers to test. There has been a jump in tests both for the herb individually and as an ingredient in combination supplements. Scientists have been taking a harder look at the claims made about this plant and have been working to test their validity.

    They not only want to answer the question is valerian root safe, they want to know if it is effective and what exactly it can treat. The primary usage of the herb has been to help calm people and help them get to sleep. However, research is showing that it may have more uses than that.

    There are some results that seem to indicate that valerian root extract helps a number of people fall asleep better and wake up more refreshed. It seems effective in all but the most severe cases of chronic insomnia. In those cases it may need to be combined with other natural ingredients to provide a more powerful effect.

    The main benefit is that valerian extract works on the brain and body systems to calm them and help the brain produce sleep. However, that is not the only benefit or function it provides. Studies are also supporting the long tradition of using the herb to address anxiety, stress and other related issues. This not only helps reduce the effects of those issues on the body, but again provides the secondary benefit of helping a person sleep better as they are not kept awake by the effects of anxiety or stress.

    As for the question of is valerian root safe, the answer seems to be yes. So far there have not been major issues noted in the studies regarding the herb. It is definitely less prone to side effects than sleep medicines or other drugs used to help people sleep. Additionally, there is not the usual next day grogginess that most people experience with medicines.

    Valerian root extract
    may not help everyone, but it seems to be helpful to many. The reduced risk of side effects and lack of hangover the next day are definite pluses for those who struggle with sleep, but have problems with sleep medications. As with anything health related it is wise to check with a knowledgeable medical professional before taking, particularly if you are on other prescription medications as there is always the potential for interactions. However, if you are having trouble sleeping then you may want to take a closer look at a sleep supplement that includes valerian in the ingredients.

    J. Wall has an avid interest in natural remedies for the treatment of Sleeplessness. He is a regular contributor to the Importance of Sleep section of american sleep disorders association help at, a site dedicated to improving sleep for everyone.

    By: J Wall

  2. It does help you relax a little before bed. It's no miracle supplement, but it can be helpful for some. I would take it sometimes and it would help me relax and get into that "ready for bed" state other times, not so much. It is some smelly stuff.


  3. It's in X-Dreams which worked quite well for me.

  4. I've also found its also one of the ingredients in ReductionPM, which I'm currently taking.

  5. it works, but just remember to cycle it about every week.



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