Battling Cholesterol with A Natural Health Care Product Instead of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Can a natural health care product really combat cholesterol?

There are two types of cholesterol found in the human body. Generally termed as either ?good? or ?bad?.

Although this sounds like two thirds of a Western, it is not about the good and the bad fighting each other to the death, with the victor taking the spoils. The key to a healthy cholesterol level in the body is to maintain a balance of good and bad cholesterol, which gives a healthy overall level of cholesterol.

In order to have this balance you should keep the bad cholesterol known as LDL low, and the HDL, which is the good cholesterol, proportionally higher.

There are many debates over what should be considered a healthy cholesterol level, and this is why each patient is viewed individually to assess their risk of heart disease along with their cholesterol level. In this way the patient can be assessed for the overall impact of their condition.

If the levels are considered as too high, then the physician may prescribe medications, like statins, nicotinic acid or resins. Generally Statins have been the medication of choice for high cholesterol.

The problem with Statins is that they can limit the production of an enzyme called Q10 that is a major source of energy for the heart. This one of the reasons why when there is a risk of high cholesterol, early action should be taken to adopt a more natural approach to keeping levels healthy.

The first way to lower cholesterol naturally is through exercise. We burn a lot of energy during a workout. Once the sugars and proteins are exhausted, the body has no choice but to convert fat into fuel.

Dependent upon the advice of your physician, you should do this for at least twenty minutes each session, and at least three times a week. It?s better to start slow and build up your endurance.

Another option is to eat foods that are rich in soluble fiber. Examples of these are beans, grains, fruits and vegetables. These items are important because the fiber bind to cholesterol in the gut and flushes it out whenever nature calls.

Eating such products can also help by displacing foods from that diet that are high in animal fat and cholesterol.

For those that love to eat rice, you could replace it for red yeast rice. A study by the Center for Human Nutrition has shown that consuming this regularly helps lower the production of LDL.

Instead of using pharmaceutical drugs to lower cholesterol, some companies have been able to come up with supplements that are considered effective.

The first is called Inositol, which is a time-released niacin. Studies show that taking this regularly will lower the LDL and increase the number of HDL in the human body.

The second supplement is called Policosanol. It does almost the same thing as Inositol and limits the amount of LDL in the bloodstream.

Lastly, there is the supplement called Bio Lipotrol. The interesting thing about this product is that its ingredients are made up of red yeast rice, Inositol, Policosanol and Guggal gum extract.

It is clear that there are natural health care product options available that can play a part in reducing cholesterol. But ensue that you seek the advice of your physician before starting any new regime and never stop taking prescribed medication without medical approval.

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By: Billy Henders