Protease Supplementation and its Effect on DOMS

  1. Protease Supplementation and its Effect on DOMS

    Here's the abstract:
    Protease supplementation has been shown to attenuate soft tissue injury resulting from intense exercise. The
    aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of protease supplementation on muscle soreness and contractile
    performance after downhill running. Ten matched pairs of male participants ran at a 710% grade for 30 min at
    80% of their predicted maximal heart rate. The participants consumed two protease tablets (325 mg pancreatic
    enzymes, 75 mg trypsin, 50 mg papain, 50 mg bromelain, 10 mg amylase, 10 mg lipase, 10 mg lysozyme, 2 mg
    chymotrypisn) or a placebo four times a day beginning 1 day before exercise and lasting a total of 4 days. The
    participants were evaluated for perceived muscle soreness of the front and back of the dominant leg, pressure
    pain threshold by dolorimetry of the anterior medial, anterior lateral, posterior medial and posterior lateral
    quadrants of the thigh, and knee extension/flexion torque and power. The experimental group demonstrated
    superior recovery of contractile function and diminished effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness after downhill
    running when compared with the placebo group. Our results indicate that protease supplementation may
    attenuate muscle soreness after downhill running. Protease supplementation may also facilitate muscle healing
    and allow for faster restoration of contractile function after intense exercise.
    and here's the full article -

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    Here's the abstract:

    and here's the full article -

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    Haha, the old proteolytic trick! Very good ozarka. I keep a bottle of NOW Foods Papaya Enzyme Chewables in the fridge at all times. Not just good for this, but as an allergy adjunctive and works good on some forms of stomach pain too (like big meals and certain kinds of food poisoning). The NOW brand are the cheap ones so you usually gotta chew about 6 of them.

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