Workouts Need Natural Supplements Like Androsterone

For athletes and body builders the workouts and training becomes rapidly a drug. This is of course the case for those that pursue body building as a competition. It can be overwhelming to witness a great increase in power for many body builders. But the exercise and diets only take you to a certain level of muscle growth, so many body builders end up using steroids. This is a big mistake, their effects being disastrous for the body?s overall health.

There?s a long history between athletes and steroids. Anabolic steroids are considered supplements, they practically boost the effects of workout and diet and significant power and muscle increase will be shown. That?s because steroids manage to help increase muscle mass growth due to the level of testosterone they contain. Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men and women and of course using anabolic steroids will greatly enhance and accelerate its effects.

Naturally, men have a higher level of testosterone than women do, therefore they are able to achieve muscle mass growth faster. But when women end up using anabolic steroids they?re able to reach the same muscle mass as men. And of course, when a woman combines steroids with body building she will end up taking up male characteristics.

Using steroids in body building competitions is illegal. Obviously, a competitor that uses steroids has a clear advantage over one that does not use anabolic steroids. Therefore, steroids are banned from body building competitions and if an athlete is caught using steroids he?s banned for life from competitions of this sort.

But the most important thing about steroids is that they leave the user with scars over a long period of time or possibly even for life. Diseases like acne, hair loss, insomnia, depression, hallucinations, high blood pressure, weak ligaments, heart attacks and cases of cancer have all been proven to have a link with steroids. Steroids have even caused fatalities amongst the athletes.

Of course, body building is indeed a discipline sport. It?s up to every person to decide whether they?re gonna shape their body using natural ways or cheat themselves and use illegal products like steroids. And of course, the short term effects may seem rewarding but the long term effects will be devastating.

Of course, times have changed and the market today has products like androsterone that pretty much have the effects of steroids without the toxic side effects. Many years have passed to perfect a product like androsterone but from what I?ve read, it?s pretty good.

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By: Jean Helmet