Do We Really Need to Take Vitamin Supplements

  1. Do We Really Need to Take Vitamin Supplements

    Do We Really Need to Take Vitamin Supplements

    There is a wealth of scientific evidence that proves vitamins are essential for good health and the proper functioning of the body. Different vitamins are needed in different amounts with most government run food standards agencies publishing lists of recommended daily allowances (RDA's).

    Some vitamins are water soluble which means the body will not store them and any excess taken in will be excreted. Other vitamins are fat soluble and these are stored within the fatty tissues and organs of the body so there is potential for any excess to cause an overdose situation.

    In an ideal world, where everyone eats a perfectly balanced diet with food items selected from a variety of food groups, supplementation would not be required. However, we do not live in an ideal world.

    Many of us eat processed food in which all natural vitamin content has been destroyed. Whilst the food may then be supplemented with artificial or synthetic vitamins, some would argue that the nutritional value is not so good.

    Vitamins do deteriorate over time and with long processing, packaging and storage times many foodstuffs have lost most of their vitamin content by the time we get them home. In addition, intensive farming methods have left soils depleted to an extent that many of the vitamins we associate with certain food stuffs are no longer present in the same quantities as we could expect 20 years ago.

    Some vitamins can be synthesized by the body. If the skin has sufficient exposure to sunlight it will manufacture Vitamin D. The friendly bacteria in the gut will produce Vitamin K. However, the extensive use of sun blocks to protect against the harmful rays from the sun inhibits Vitamin D production and our extensive use of antibiotics decimates the friendly gut bacteria rendering them unable to manufacture Vitamin K.

    It is for these reasons that it may be wise to take a good quality, natural vitamin supplement.

    When supplementing it is important to consider the RDA's and to not exceed those unless you are being advised by a qualified nutritional practitioner. Natural supplements are undoubtedly superior to synthetically produced ones - although they are usually more expensive.

    Jess Harrison is a writer on health matters. She contributes regularly to Really Useful Info and has produced a number of publications on health related subjects. Jess maintains a blog on the subject of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbal medicine at Really Useful Vitamin Info

    By: Jess Harrison

  2. I think it is prudent to use vitamins in a concientious way. It is possible to get too much of a good thing. Regular switching of formulas and "off" periods maximize benefits and decrease possibility of "sides". On the other hand some people can take the same vitamins consistently with no problems. Its all about knowing your body and its reactions to supplements. There are also interactions with medications that should be considered

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