Stack help needed!

  1. Stack help needed!

    So basically ... I have in my possession:

    - A bottle of 5-HTP 50 mg 180 caps
    - A small tub of UPSlabs Jacked
    - NO Xplode
    - A bottle of Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg
    - A bottle of Stoked 120 caps by Anabolic Innovations
    - A bottle of Acetyl-L Carnitine 750mg -- 90 tables
    - Two bottles of Vitamin B-12 1000mcg 60 tables time released
    - A bottle of Plasmagen Nitrate 200 caps by APS
    - A bottle of Pro-Liver 90 caps by PrimaForce
    - A bottle of Anabolic Pump 90 caps by USPlabs
    - A bottle of BCAA Ethyl Ester 180 caps by Axis Labs
    - A bottle of Epidrol 90 caps by Hardcore Formulations
    - A bottle of Lean Xtreme 90 caps
    - Two bottles of Genera Adrenaline 90 caps
    - 1 Bottle of Trim for Life 3 120 caps (LOL got off ebay for $4 w/shipping)
    - A bottle of Creatine E2 120 caps
    - A 5 lb tub of Lipotropic Protein by LG Sciences

    Currently, I'm taking / finishing up:

    - SuperPak (vitamins)
    - ZMA
    - A bottle of Acetyl-L Carnitine
    - A bottle of Omega 3 Fish Oil
    - A bottle of BCAA Ethyl Ester 180 caps by Axis Labs
    - Phenadrine
    - LeanFX
    - 6-Oxo Extreme
    - A 5 lb tub of Lipotropic Protein by LG Sciences

    I am trying to lose my BMI (bought a Omron fat loss monitor and it says I have a 13.6 body fat and a 28.5 BMI selected with Athletic Mode) I currently weigh about 190 and am 5'9. I want to look big and have bigger arms especially. After I finish up on my current stack, could anyone make some stacks up for me based on what supplements I have in "stock?"

    My dieting has been getting VERY hard to keep up with ... From spending $100 a week at Wal-Mart on Tofu, Yogury, Eggs, Soy Milk, etc it's insane. I've been told to eat 6 meals a day which is hard when I work 10 hours a day, so I would have to sneak in a few 5 min breaks and eat something really quick -- I've been eating health choice chicken with rice, cliff bars, and metrx protein bars as "snacks" and taking atleast 2-4 scoops of the lipotropic protein with water.

    Someone who would help me create a stack with my current supps (or if I need to buy more supps to stack with what i currently have!) with a good diet or give suggestions would be greatly apprecaited. Please PM me as well if you want to share any other information.

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