Looking for the best and safest way to stack the variety of products that I've bought recently. I am 35, 5'10", 175, 12%BF, worked out for past 10 years and rarely think out of the box.

Inventory: (1) 135count MMV2, (2) 60count Furazadrol, (2) 60count Reversitol, (2) 90count Perfect Cycle and (1) 120count Life Support.

Current Supplements: Multi V/M, 3+grams/day Omega 3 Fish Oil, 10G/day creatine, 10G/day glutamine and 100+G/day of a blended time released protein.

Goal: Lean Muscle Mass and Reduction in BF. I know it's tough to do both, but I'm not talking unrealistic results. I'm talking about adding a 5-10lbs total in lean mass while shedding a couple %. Have a big island vacation planned first week of May. So I have 12 full weeks between Feb-Apr to accomplish my goal. I want to do it right....gain slower and keep as much as possible.

QUESTION/OPTIONS/IDEAS on how to stack??

I thought 5 weeks Furazadrol 3-4 caps/day alone followed by 5 weeks MMV2 3-4caps/day + Perfect Cycle Finished by 4 weeks Reversitol + Life Support as my PCT. (incl multi, fish oil, creatine, glutamine and protein)


6 weeks Furazadrol + MMV2 + Perfect Cycle followed by 4 weeks Reversitol + Life Support as my PCT.

Any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.