Stack Help PLEASE! Experience Opinions.

  1. Stack Help PLEASE! Experience Opinions.

    I am 35, 5'11", 175lbs, 15% BF. Have been working out for 10 years and have never really tried the "juice" or prohormones of any kind. I religiously take my multi v/m, loads of omega 3 fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin (repaired torn acl), 10g glutamine/day and about 125-150g of blended protein/day.

    Tired of the same results. As I get older it seems a bit more difficult to build muscle and stay lean no matter how hard I work out and do cardio. I bought 2 bottles of iForce Reversitol (test booster) and 2 bottles of Axis Labs Furazadrol (non-meth pro hormone). I need some stack ideas. I have two thoughts: 1. Run the Furazadrol alone for 4-6 weeks followed by the Reversitrol for another 4-6 weeks as a PCT. It's mild, but as a first timer I think it will be effective and safe.

    Any thoughts on how to maximize the two products as an effective cycle? Also, will I need any add-ons intra-cycle or PCT? Thank you for your help.

    BTW, I play professional soccer and am not looking to get HUGE. Just get super lean and add a few pds of quality muscle.

  2. Honestly, it sounds like you're not really interested in using prohormones for the reasons most people choose to.

    In your case, it sounds like prohormones really aren't necessary to accomplish the goals that you've set forth. Get shredded and add some quality muscle? This can EASILY be done in a couple of months with the proper fat loss diet, workout routine and maybe some additional BCAA's and creatine. I see absolutely NO reason to use prohormones for these goals. Especially since I have some experience in this area- I've found that (mind you, this is from an endomorphic perspective) when I've used prohormones during dieting phases to increase fat loss and build a little muscle, I'd struggle to maintain the minimal muscle gained while dieting during PCT, and prevent fat rebound- difficult when you're seriously shut down. This happens for a few reasons. First, shutdown while ON prohormones is bad enough, but wager in sub caloric intake, and you're increasing the levels of shutdown substantially. Second, during a dieting phase, one's metabolism will down-regulate. This makes fat regain difficult (especially if attempting to maintain a PR for lowest body fat). Fat regain is more pronounced after a diet, and even more so after a cycle of prohormones. More so, you'll gain less muscle on a sub caloric diet than if you'd used your prohormones during a mass phase. With a reduced metabolic rate and substantial hormonal shutdown, you'll likely struggle to maintain the newly acquired muscle anyway. Any additional fat loss during the cycle (if it even amounts to more than 1-3 pounds) will likely be regained during PCT when a maintainance diet MUST be resumed to ensure proper hormone function is resumed.

    I'm not saying they do not have their place. Instead, I suggest this- Trim down the necessary amount of fat. Then, resume a maintenance diet to allow your metabolic rate to stabilize, while maintaining your newly acquired bodyfat percentage. Then, when you DO attempt to gain weight, the prohormones do have a place in your regimine as a nutrient partitioner. This is especially true if you're at a lower bodyweight than previously, as the body will inevitably attempt to maintain homeostasis by bringing you back to your "set point" (bodyweight).

    I guess what I'm saying is, instead of thinking of prohormones as the key to less body fat and more muscle, think of prohormones as a tool to prevent fat gain, while building more substantial muscle with a higher caloric intake once you've already become as lean as you desire. Once you finish your cycle and begin PCT, reduce your caloric intake slightly (to around maintainance) and it will be easier to maintain the muscle you've gained. Body fat shouldn't be a problem, since you will have started the cycle lean, and your body won't be fighting you to regain body fat.

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