Activate Xtreme Vs. DTH

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  1. Activate Xtreme Vs. DTH

    Activate Xtreme or Diesel Tech Hardcore

    Which one and why???

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    Activate Xtreme or Diesel Test Hardcore

    Which one and why???

    Both. Because they are both great products.

  3. What is your main goal?

  4. if u had to choose just 1 bro

  5. increase strength

  6. If I had to choose just one I would go with DTH because I feel it offer's more benefits that act-x.

  7. You won't be dissapointed with either and I have used both.

  8. Once Im done with my whiteflood/greenmag im gonna try USP Jacked/DTH

  9. Jacked gives a sweet energy/focus that would be sweet with the aggression you get from DTH.

  10. Have u tried it?? I havent had alot of luck with USP but all the reviews sound pretty damn good

  11. yeah, it is the best energy/focus I have ever experienced. I bought three tubs during the initial release.

  12. Ahhh..thats good to excited to try this little stack man

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    increase strength
    For pure strength gains Chuck always says go for NOS Ether > DTH. The DTH gives you some aggression & libido boost. They make a great stack.

  14. Well the aggression will work well with the Jacked....thanks for the input though

  15. Hey Steve.....u familiar with the diesel products?? Hows Jacked compare to JP8?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    Hey Steve.....u familiar with the diesel products?? Hows Jacked compare to JP8?
    I have 2 of each sitting, just waiting for me to pick up my order from over the border (saves shipping cost to Canada). I loved the orig. JP8, it blew me away (Current fav. PreWO, followed by White Flood) and the new Grape looks and sounds to be even better. Jacked is simpler but does have some very positive feedback; I will be comparing them when I finally get my package (hopefully this upcoming week, although trials will be limited b/c broken right finger).

  17. hows taste of jp8?? i remember the first r4w in powder and that was nasty..hows it compare?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    hows taste of jp8?? i remember the first r4w in powder and that was nasty..hows it compare?


    Slightly better.

    Taste is not JP8's selling point. Results are.

    Supposedly the new grape is tolerable. Im stocked up on lemonade. So i wont know for awhile.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    hows taste of jp8?? i remember the first r4w in powder and that was nasty..hows it compare?
    Slightly better than that R4W from what I hear, but I didn't mind the lemonade, it grows on you (Went thru 2.5 tubs, only took a few times to get used to it). I usually shot it straight, then chased it with water to minimize any GI issues. Only mildly herbal.

  20. I recommend DTH stacked with JP8 and throw in sunami to help with mood and aggression. Plus you get a nice help with libido as well. I have used all three, and I loved it.

  21. jacked is over rated =/ ive been on it for several weeks. its basically an energy drink in powder form. has nothing to do with feeling jacked or pumped or strong, etc. plus after a while you build a tolerance and then you need more which means less servings means the cost per serving isnt very good. i think they should re-group and redo -jacked-

  22. I've had the pleasure of using both DTH/Sunami and Activate Extreme/Lean Extreme and I can honestly say, the results came quicker and easier with the Get Diesel stuff. The stuff from Desiger Supplements took a tad over 2 weeks to kick in, but I was feeling all the good stuff from the other stack within the first 48 hrs, no joke. Also, DTH/Sunami made all my pre-workout supps way more effective, as I was able to lower my dose of JP8 and still get equal results. As to the JP* vs. Jacked question, again, they are both great products, but I would go with JP8 here for the focus factor, as Jacked doesn't get me dialed in like JP8 does, matter of fact nothing does. I can get by with 1 scoop of jacked, or 1.5 scoops of the old JP8. What really is awesome is mixing 1 scoop Jacked with 1.5 scoops of the old JP8, it's plain nuts!! Those 2 together are bar none the best pre-workout combo I have ever tried to get me dialed in and stay dialed in. After about 5 hours later, I'm finally winding down, not a crash, but a gradual tapering down. I haven't tried the new JP8 yet, so I can't help you there. Good luck!!

  23. Comparing JP8 to jacked is like comparing oxycottin to childrens chewable tylonol. They are not in the same league imo period. Do a side by side comparison of the 2 products ingredient profiles.

    Activate Extreme is a good product dont get me wrong, but falls way short whan compared to Diesel Test hardcore. There is a good amount of Nettle root in DTH anyway, so Activate is not really needed. You can only free up so much bound test with nettle. The magic happens when you increase test levels and free up bound test.

    There are tons of logs with feedback on both JP8 and DTH, the feedback is the main factor at hand. How it works in the real world for everyday people, not just claims made by a company......
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  24. U have to take about 6 acx/day for results.....about 2 weeks in. You can take 2/3 DTH/day and get way more than on 6 actx/day and "feel" it in the first 3-5 days. DTH is a way more complete/overall product. If I was thinking about actx, i would just use bulk nettle caped and HGW.

  25. If you want to increase strength instead of having a massive libido increase, then Activate Xtreme hands down.


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