Activate Xtreme Vs. DTH

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by crowpass View Post
    wow. He is going to be able to be a personal trainer! I can get certified for the same fu*king thing through LA for 375 bucks. Big deal! Negs!
    That's a **** ton of schooling. Way to pretend to be Will Hunting, you get them right back bro

  2. love act x

  3. Quote Originally Posted by crowpass View Post
    Chuck created DTH.
    Cool, what point does that prove? Go troll somewhere else, you know nothing.

  4. you seem to be leaning heavily towards actx, have you tried it yet?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by subweevil View Post
    MrBrightside, we can go back and forth all day long over this 'til everyone is blue in the face,but seriously, what's the point? I would recommend doing what I did, and trying them both, or in your case, giving DTH a try. Last time I checked, Chuck guarantees his products. I've had the pleasure of using both, and DTH did more for me, faster for me, than AX. AX was fine by me, but it took a day over 2 weeks for anything to really get going, where as with DTH, the first full day of doing made it apparent it was already going to town. As for the Tribulus doing nothing, I for one believe in the synergy of things. By itself, it might not seem impressive, but having something in the mix to keep your libido up (which can crash when raising/freeing test) and increase aggression ( good motivation is key) is where it shines. Some companies get by on using it as their main ingredient (see Prime) with purported good/excellent results, so obviously, it's not all hype, and granted, some will respond better than others, that's just natural. For me personally, I've always responded very well to it, but I build up a tolerance to it very quickly, as with most things. Dth isn't just a simple "Test Booster", it's a good job at covering all the bases within reason. My libido crashed after the third week of AX, but everything else was fine. Personally, I feel DTH is a great buy at the price, as it didn't take 2 weeks to kick in. Granted, I could have taken 6 AX per day, but I prefer to take the minimal amount to get results, as, like I said, I build a tolerance quickly. 2 DTH per day was very noticeable for me, so I view it as being far more cost effective. For me, that equates to 15 days of AX, or over 60 days of DTH ( since I take the 5th or 6 day off). Seriously though, give it a whirl, I did and I'm glad. I will say this though, I love Lean Extreme!!
    Alright man, that's completely fine. DTH might work better! My original contention was that Act X looks better in the strength department and DTH looks better in sexual function/libido. I really didn't knock it; I picked apart the ingredients to justify my reasoning after I was swarmed. I didn't throw the first insult so I think it's pretty ridiculous that I'm getting ganged and negged when I've provided sufficient reasoning for my posts.

    And btw, the trib in Prime is of a different family, Tribulus Aquaticus I believe.

  6. can i usse dth? im 20

  7. Well I am getting my DTH tomorrow so I will be able to see how it works for me. I havent tried ACTX though so no comparison here. This will be my first test booster of any kind so I am pretty excited to see what happens.

  8. when r ppl going to learn that DTHC compares to NOTHING!!
    it anit the BEST for nothing.
    o and to the op man do a search next time ther r like 20
    which is better DTHC or Act X
    for goodness sake

  9. im a troll? how so, your disputing facts with the people who created and people who have used the products before.

  10. the bickering is getting old... the last page or two is full of it =/ everyone is entitled to their own opinion. its not that big of a deal. people will believe/feel what they want until both products have been tried out. for me personally, its almost a coin flip on the two. both very good products and cannot go wrong with either one.

  11. Both come from great companies.

    I got nothing from AE, but I don't get much from any supps.. DTH when I took it, as I mentioned.. the pain in my nut was so bad, I had to stop! I dunno wtf it was doing, something! LOL..

    I got the latest, I may try it again!

  12. check out this thread : 79468-activate-xtreme-vs.html


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